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The National survey of the salary, age and educational structure of the library employees in the Czech republic in 2016: Survey results

Summary: National library has realized an extensive The National survey of the salary, age, and educational structure of library employees in the Czech Republic in 2016. Examined topics were socio-demographic s...

Major topics in contemporary information science

Summary: The paper seeks to identify major topics in contemporary information science. To achieve this goal it analyses key information science publications, the most important information science journals and ...

The Right to be Forgotten on the Internet

Summary: The study The Right to be Forgotten on the Internet is based on the diploma thesis of the same title by the author and applies to the application of the right to be forgotten on the Internet. The right...

The new Slovak Library Act

Summary: The contribution describes the essential contents and the efficiency of the new act on libraries, drawing attention to the main points relating to the rights and legal duties specified for the librarie...

The History of a Periodical Knihovna: knihovnicka revue

Summary: The contribution briefly describes the history of Knihovna, a periodical having entered the 25th year of its existence in the current year. It commenced by appearing under the title Národní knihovna,...

Tools for Digital Preservation

Summary: This text offers a basic introduction about the tools and information sources that are applicable in the field of long-term archiving (digital preservation). It focuses in particular upon the tools dea...

Trustworthy digital repositories, their audit and certification

Summary: The aim of the submitted article consists in informing the reader about the importance and the attributes of reliable repositories and in describing, by way of an overview, the most common types of app...

Archivematica – selected foreign projects

Summary: The paper brings a survey of some selected foreign digital repositories making use of the open source system for long-term archiving Archivematica, introducing the options for applying this system in t...

Digital preservation - from theory to practice?

Abstract: This article puts forward introductory information about long-term digital preservation (LTP). The text explains basic terminology and concepts introduced by the functional and informational approach ...

Terminographical work and the TDKIV database

Summary: After the introductory presentation of the Czech Terminology Database of Library and information science (TDKIV being the Czech acronym) the author delimits the merits of fields correlated with term...

Department of Photography of Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts (Prague) in Havana – Starting Czech-Cuban collaboration in protecting the photographic cultural heritage?

Summary: In the course of 2014 a joint scientific project was carried out by experts in the field of photography restoration at the Prague FAMU Academy together with certain scientific institutions on Cuba, ...

Current editing situation of Supplements to Knihopis of Czech and Slovak Early Printed Books and museum libraries

Summary: The article offers essential information concerning the present situation in editing the alphabetical and numeral Supplements to Knihopis of Czech and Slovak Early Printed Books. Also the recent his...

The meaning and purpose of library in children’s and adolescents’ conception

Summary: The paper informs about a research project that is being implemented by teachers and students of the Institute of the Czech language and Library Science, Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian ...

Optimizing standards for bibliographic description of monographic electronic publications in the Czech libraries network

Summary: The new RDA cataloguing rules (Resource Description and Access) will become the standard cataloguing practice within the Czech Republic in 2015. The article informs about the changes of cataloguing ...


The IFLA Governing Board seeks nominations for new members of the IFLA BCM Review Group by Friday 15 February 2019. The term served by new members will be from August 2019 to August 2023. Please share this message with others who might be interested to ensure as wide a call as possible.

The IFLA BCM Review Group provides ongoing support for the maintenance and development of the IFLA bibliographic conceptual models.
The terms of reference are:

  • Maintain and revise IFLA's bibliographic conceptual models on an ongoing basis;
  • Develop and make available guidelines and interpretative documents to assist those applying the models;
  • Promote the models and encourage their use in all appropriate information organising communities;
  • Maintain links with relevant groups both within IFLA and in other communities, including formal relationships such as named liaisons.

Read more about the responsibilities of the Review Group in the IFLA website.

22nd Innovative Library in Digital Era
When: 8th to 10th April 2019
Where: in Jasna, Slovakia.

Twentieth International Conference on Grey Literature
Research Data Fuels and Sustains Grey Literature
December 3-4, 2018
Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana USA



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