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Major topics in contemporary information science

Summary: The paper seeks to identify major topics in contemporary information science. To achieve this goal it analyses key information science publications, the most important information science journals and knowledge organization systems which include information science. Top categories from Zins knowledge map of information science and from ASIS&T thesaurus have been used to reconcile data gathered through the analysis. It has been found out that topics (concepts) pertaining to communication (transfer) of information from source to recipient occur most often. Hence, major topics in current information science correspond with probably the simplest definition of information science ever. This definition states that information science is the study of the communication of information in society.

Keywords: information science, definitions, topics

PhDr. Linda Jansová, Ph.D. / Knihovnický institut, Národní knihovna ČR (Librarianship Institute, National Library of the Czech Republic), Klementinum 190, 110 00 Praha 1, Česká republika

Sep 25, 2018
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