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The relationship between reading and school performance of pupils in primary and secondary schools

Summary: In 2017 the National Library of the Czech Republic conducted a national survey entitled The Czech children and youth as readers. Altogether 2000 pupils (500 aged 6-8 years, 850 aged 9-14 years and 650 ...

Information Commons – principles and elements in Czech libraries

Summary: The article brings insights associated with experience from practical application Conception Information Commons. The text refers to a diploma thesis of the same name defended at the University of Sile...

Toward to the Concept of Community Library: Searching for Meaning and Application

Summary: Although the community library is a term mentioned in the strategic documents of the Czech librarianship, systematic attention has not been paid to it, especially in connection with the results of comm...

JPEG 2000 as Ar­chival Format for still Images

Summary: Format JPEG 2000 was introduced in 2000 and since then we can see discussions about its suitability for long term preservation of still images. Actually JPEG 2000 is used in project National digital li...

Czechoslovak librarianship, 1939–1959: selected issues of historical development

Summary: The article is based on a paper presented at the information seminar „Books Discovered Once Again“ (Prague, 2016). It introduces the main trends in the development of Czechoslovak librarian­ship, ...

Transfers of confiscated books in Czechoslovakia after WWII

Summary: Extensive confiscations of German property in Czechoslovakia after WWII included large amount of books and library collections. Beside the property of the Sudeten Germans there were also co-llections m...

Perspectives of the development of pre-reading skills on the platform of intergenerational learning: a case study

Summary: This article focuses on the topical subject of intergenerational learning as a platform for the development of pre-reading skills in the environment of a nursery school. The theme reflects on the resea...

Online Availability of Selected Czech Digitized Map Collections in the Czech Republic

Summary: The article deals with electronic availability of the largest Czech digitized map collections. The technical requirements for the equipment of a user were examined, as well as the possibilities and dif...

Audio documents in the collections of memory institutions in context of long term preservation in Czech Republic. Feasibility study by National Library of Czech Republic about the possibility of long term preservation of digitized itemsi

Summary: A great attention has been paid in the Czech Republic in the recent past to the digitization of printed materials and a long term preservation of digitized documents. Now is the turn of another, until ...

Publishing behavior and attitudes towards open access among scientists in the Czech Republic

Summary: The article sums up basic results from a questionnaire survey which took place in 2013–2014. The research focuses on the publication behaviour of Czech researchers and their attitudes towards open ac...

Knihopis of Czech and Slovak early printed books and its integration into the electronic portal Knihově

Summary: The article deals with the issues of the national retrospective bibliography, specifically its Czech-language part, the Knihopis of Czech and Slovak Early Printed Books from the Earliest Period until t...

Research use of web archived data

Summary: Major part of our communication and media production has moved from traditional print media into digital universe. Digital content on the web is diverse and fluid; it emerges, changes and disappears ev...

Watermark research in the music sources registered in the Union Music Catalogue of the National Library of the Czech Republic

Bohemian watermark research of the musical sources registered in the Union Catalogue of Music of the National Library of the Czech Republic started in 2014 and it has been conducted by the curators of the Natio...

Rights to the data administered by public libraries in the light of amendments of the Freedom of Information Act

Summary: Public libraries – in the focus of law – are cultural institutions taking care of not negligible values within public interest. Among others, their activities are regulated by the part of the Czech...

Map of study profiles: comparing the curricula of Library and Information Science in Opava

Summary: The paper presents a comparative analysis of two independent programmes of Library and Information Science implemented at the Silesian University in Opava. The aim of the comparative study is to revea...

Exchangeable formats of bibliographical data: their present transformation

Summary: Exchangeable formats of bibliographical data in the practice of libraries have been used from the 60ies of the last century, and in spite of the decades having flown by no substantial change has taken ...

Printing works Kryl & Scotti / Karel Kryl in the mirror of bibliophile media and competitions

The study attempts to evaluate the contribution of the printing works Kryl & Scotti (later Karel Kryl), located at Nový Jičín and later at Kroměříž, to the creation of beautiful books in the Czech lands,...

Relationships of information resources: an attempt to interdisciplinary synthesis

Summary: The relationships among the information resources (being specified in the broadest sense for the purpose of this study, as documents, data, but also as persons, things, concepts, terms, processes, e...

Archivematica – Open Source System for Digital Archiving

Summary: The paper offers a basic overview of the Archivematica system. This system is intended to support long term protection and archiving of digital information conforming to the OAIS reference model. It ha...

Care of 19th century prints in the National Library of the Czech Republic

Summary: The Collection Preservation Division of the National Library of the Czech Republic has devoted special attention to the care for the so-called modern library collections (beginning 1801, down to the ...


The IFLA Governing Board seeks nominations for new members of the IFLA BCM Review Group by Friday 15 February 2019. The term served by new members will be from August 2019 to August 2023. Please share this message with others who might be interested to ensure as wide a call as possible.

The IFLA BCM Review Group provides ongoing support for the maintenance and development of the IFLA bibliographic conceptual models.
The terms of reference are:

  • Maintain and revise IFLA's bibliographic conceptual models on an ongoing basis;
  • Develop and make available guidelines and interpretative documents to assist those applying the models;
  • Promote the models and encourage their use in all appropriate information organising communities;
  • Maintain links with relevant groups both within IFLA and in other communities, including formal relationships such as named liaisons.

Read more about the responsibilities of the Review Group in the IFLA website.

22nd Innovative Library in Digital Era
When: 8th to 10th April 2019
Where: in Jasna, Slovakia.

Twentieth International Conference on Grey Literature
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December 3-4, 2018
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