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The History of a Periodical Knihovna: knihovnicka revue

Summary: The contribution briefly describes the history of Knihovna, a periodical having entered the 25th year of its existence in the current year. It commenced by appearing under the title Národní knihovna, knihovnická revue in 1990. From 2005 down to the present day the title has been reduced to Knihovna: knihovnická revue. However, 2005 witnessed a certain split, namely between the current printed copy and a separate periodical under the title Knihovna plus, including an ISSN identification of its own. The authors describe the key moments throughout the history of the journal and describe editorial work in preparing of this periodical in present time.

Keywords: periodicals, publishing activities, librarianship, editorial work, printed periodical

Mgr. Renáta Salátová, PhDr. Anna Machová / Knihovnický institut, Národní knihovna ČR, Klementinum 190, Praha 1

Czech full text (.pdf)

Nov 02, 2016
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