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Knihovna: knihovnická revue 2018/1


Editorial 2018/1

Renata Salátová

Reviewed articles

JPEG 2000 as Ar­chival Format for still Images

Natalie Ostráková
Summary: Format JPEG 2000 was introduced in 2000 and since then we can see discussions about its suitability for long term preservation of still images. Actually JPEG 2000 is used in project National digital library as archival master for images created during digitization of library collections. In the text the format is briefly introduced, then focusing on its profile parameters, on tools able to work with the format and especially text focuses on use of the format in important foreign institutions with aim to show, that it is suitable and in use archival format....

Toward to the Concept of Community Library: Searching for Meaning and Application

Michal Lorenz, Eva Víchová
Summary: Although the community library is a term mentioned in the strategic documents of the Czech librarianship, systematic attention has not been paid to it, especially in connection with the results of community research. In the following conceptual paper, the authors focus on defining the concept of community, an overview of important findings in the field of community studies, setting the basic boundaries and orientation of the community library resulting from these investigations. The following is a description of the related phenomenon of social innovations in which the authors see the developmental potential of the community library. On the basis of relevant literature analysis, a conceptual framework model is proposed that addresses the intersection of concepts of the community library, the community and the perspectives of social innovation. The study highlights the need for library service design for marginalized and non-administered communities, including library non-users and the importance of social innovation to adequately meet their needs. The main contribution of the paper lies in the classification of communities and the introduction of the framework model of social innovation in adequately conceived community services....

Information Commons – principles and elements in Czech libraries

Anna Pajerská, Jindra Planková
Summary: The article brings insights associated with experience from practical application Conception Information Commons. The text refers to a diploma thesis of the same name defended at the University of Silesia in Opava in 2017. Information Commons is a foreign concept applied mainly to academic libraries that originated in North America and is a model of libraries reflecting the impact of ICT on society. The article introduces the concept of IC and its influence on libraries‘ efforts to respond adequately to the development of ICT and to change the needs of its users. The text introduces the concept of the IC in the Palacky University Library at Olomouc, as an element that has not been implemented, but practically shows its elements. The fact itself that the librarians‘ and librarians‘ innovative efforts to keep pace with dynamic changes in society and to react adequately to them, particularly in the area of ​​user information needs and related information services, is a reality. The article was supported by SGS/9/2016 „Mobile Information Literacy for the Information Society“....

The relationship between reading and school performance of pupils in primary and secondary schools

Vít Richter
Summary: In 2017 the National Library of the Czech Republic conducted a national survey entitled The Czech children and youth as readers. Altogether 2000 pupils (500 aged 6-8 years, 850 aged 9-14 years and 650 aged 15-19 years) were approached within the framework of the quantitative research. This contribution concentrates on the analysis of the relationship between the pupils‘ school results or their grades as seen by their teachers, and their reading behaviour, intensity of reading for pleasure, reading motivation and their attitudes to spending their free time. The outcome of the survey of 1500 children and youth aged 9 to 19 shows that even with the use of simplified criteria for the evaluation of results of the study according to the achieved grades it is possible to identify substantial links as well as marked differences between the pupils‘ school attainment and reading for pleasure....

19-21 November 2018
Jasná, Slovakia

Twentieth International Conference on Grey Literature
Research Data Fuels and Sustains Grey Literature
December 3-4, 2018
Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana USA



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