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Knihovna: knihovnická revue 2019/1


Editorial 2019/1

Renata Salátová

Reviewed articles

Information as Concept and Concept as Information in the Light of Epistemology and Methodology

Jiří Stodola
Summary: The paper deals with the definition and classification of the concept of information in terms of epistemology and methodology. It is divided into two parts: theoretical and analytical part. In the theoretical part, the concepts of epistemology, methodology and method are defined and their impact on the approaches in information science is examined. The paper then poses two basic epistemological questions and four approaches are differentiated: realism, scepticism, subjectivism and objectivism. Their relationship to methodology is examined and some examples of these trends in information science are provided. The notion of concept is defined and four basic approaches are identified: extreme realism, moderate realism, conceptualism and nominalism; some examples of these approaches in information science are shown. The paper then deals with the notion of concept, definition and classification and distinguishes three approaches to these scientific instruments: realism, instrumentalism and definition-rejecting approach. The following section deals with the analysis of four texts whose authors (Bates, Losee, Floridi and Goguen) are representative of the above approaches to epistemological and methodological issues. The analysis concludes that information is a transcendental concept that can be defined only verbally, and thus further use of the concept in information science should be questioned....

Image of the information environment of scholarly communication through the lens of researchers in the Slovak Republic

Jela Steinerová
Summary: We define the information environment of scholarly communication generally with the use of concepts of information environment and information infrastructure, digital and open science. The typical information behaviour of researchers in Slovakia is explained based on a qualitative study of information behaviour of 19 researchers. The models of common information interactions and differences among disciplines are presented. Findings are interpreted in contexts of digital publishing, open science, information resources and proposals for library services. We also report on findings of an international survey of research data literacy (257 Slovak researchers). In conclusion we explain the concept of academic information ecologies and a new model of the interactive academic library, including recommendations for the academic information environment. Trends of digital information and quality of outputs of scholarly communication are emphasized....

Collection of sheet music of the Provost Church of the Raising of the Holy Cross in Litomyšl

Jiří Mikuláš
Summary: The aim of this study is to bring attention to the collection of sheet music that has survived at the Provost Church of the Raising of the Holy Cross in Litomyšl. This previously unknown collection boasts more than 400 pieces of music from the 18th and 19th centuries. A substantial part of the collection was acquired or copied by the local choirmasters with the help of their assistants and choir employees. The collection also includes unique sacred compositions from composers who played here – organists F. Kopeczký, Litomyšl native T. Skrživanek and choirmaster J. Zagjc. The work presents the basic characteristics of this very valuable collection of sheet music and brings attention to the rich musical heritage of Litomyšl in the 18th and 19th centuries....

Library and information at home and abroad

Position of the National Library of the Czech Republic in Comparison with a Number of Other National Libraries of Europe

Adolf Knoll
Summary: The article concerns the comparison of selected statistical data from several national libraries. The data have been acquired via specific questionnaires with the aim to compare the status of the national libraries in the countries having similar history or size. The evaluation is made in relationship with the number of inhabitants and performance of their economies....

Indexing of documents and new scientific fields: on the margins of the problem

Aleš Hrazdil
Summary: The current rapid development of sciences and the emergence of new disciplines are referred to as the analytic-synthetic period. New fields with new terminology are emerging on borders of traditional sciences. The great frequency of neologisms emerging in this context puts considerable demands on the indexers. In connection with introducing or proposing new lexical units into controlled vocabularies and indexing, there is a danger of synonymy, especially interlinguistic synonyms, quasi synonyms, and homonyms. It is therefore necessary to carefully verify the terms in a subject analysis, on a website, in other sources created by information professionals and, finally, consultations with experts in related fields....

Terminology seminar at he National Library of the Czech Republic

Jaroslava Citová, Anna Machová
Summary: The article describes the program of the Terminology seminar that took place on April 4, 2019 in the National Library of the Czech Republic.

Extension of an active working life – threats, obstacles and possible solutions in libraries

Vladana Pillerová, Dana Smetanová
Summary:The Association of Librarians and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic (SKIP CR) was one of the partners in a project supported by the European Structural Funds entitled “Joint Actions of the Social Partners to Prepare for Changes in the Pension System”, whose implementer was the Confederation of Employers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Associations of the Czech Republic, together with the Czech and Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions. The impulse for the realisation of the project were the consequences of the pension reform, such as the extension of active working life and the need to prepare for these changes, both on the part of employees and employers. The main objective of the project was to define areas that most often negatively affect the work performance of librarians and propose recommendations that will lead to changes in these areas....