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Reviewed articles

Perspectives of the development of pre-reading skills on the platform of intergenerational learning: a case study

Summary: This article focuses on the topical subject of intergenerational learning as a platform for the development of pre-reading skills in the environment of a nursery school. The theme reflects on the resea...

Transfers of confiscated books in Czechoslovakia after WWII

Summary: Extensive confiscations of German property in Czechoslovakia after WWII included large amount of books and library collections. Beside the property of the Sudeten Germans there were also co-llections m...

Czechoslovak librarianship, 1939–1959: selected issues of historical development

Summary: The article is based on a paper presented at the information seminar „Books Discovered Once Again“ (Prague, 2016). It introduces the main trends in the development of Czechoslovak librarian­ship, ...