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Dear Friends,

The editorial slightly differently, or what could not be fitted into the issue...

We present this year‘s second issue of our journal. In the reviewed part you will find four contributions. First up is Eliška Šedivá who acquaints us with the Research on Czech watermarks in the Music Department of the National Library of the Czech Republic followed by Jaroslav Kvasnica who introduces the Scientific use of data from web archives. David Mach’s article focuses on the Knihopis of the Czech and Slovak pre-1800 imprints and its integration in the portal Knihově This section closes with a contribution by Ladislava Zbieczuk Suchá entitled the Publishing behaviour and attitudes to open access: an analysis of the perception of open access among scientists in the Czech Republic.

In the next section Jana Jůzová brings to our attention the subject of the Right to forget in the environment of the Internet and this part concludes with a review of the book Digital dementia by Manfred Spitzer and the column listing new foreign publications on librarianship.

The editors of the journal Knihovna: a review of librarianship and the electronic journal Library plus had the honour last year to take part or be the medial partner of several important conferences in the domain of library science: the Book in the 21st century (Opava), Meeting of the editors of journals on library science (Brno), Libraries in the countries of the V4 (Brno), Library architecture (Hradec Králové), Inforum 2016 (Praha),Libraries of today 2016 (Olomouc), Caslin (Třešť), the National Depository of Grey Literature (Praha), Digi 2016 (Praha) and Archives, libraries and museums in the digital world (Praha).

All these conferences were not only a source of subjects but also an impetus for the improvement of our work. We made valuable contacts without which our work would be much more difficult. The organisers of these meetings made it possible for us to present ourselves during the proceedings as well as to use the logo of both our journals on invitations to individual events. They deserve our sincere thanks. We are making efforts to present our work also in the university environment, acquainting students with our work, for instance during the Jinonice Mondays, organised by the UISK FF and others.

Allow me a short stop at one of the most prestigious events among those listed above, the Caslin 2016. This year it took place in the chateau-hotel Třešť (more on this seminar in the electronic journal Library Plus). It was already the 21st of these annual seminars that began in 1993. This time it was organised by the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and 60 speakers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia took part. Some were regulars, others came for the first time. This year’s less traditional conference /seminar started on Sunday 9th October p.m. and closed on Wednesday 12th October p.m. with presentations by individual sections. It was not limited to the traditional frontal form of talks given to a full auditorium. The work methodology lied in an intensive activity of all participants divided into four groups, all working to the same pattern. The work was split into three phases; each phase ending with a presentation of the results reached, summarised by a speaker for each group. After a discussion tasks were assigned for the next phase. Working in groups was quite demanding as achieving mutual consensus was not always easy. Misunderstandings ensued not only through differing experiences of each group member but also from different understanding of the work methodology.

The central motto of the work was “Crossing boundaries”. Same as the number of groups there were four thematic ranges or sections with each range having a garantor and an assistant. First range was defined by the theme “Library without borders” (garantor Tomáš Foltýn), second by “We shall do anything: a non-traditional service” (garantor Tomáš Řehák), third was the “Technological section – long term archiving, depository, data” (garantor Miroslav Bartošek), fourth “Cooperation – the integration of the unified systems and environment” (garantor Bohdana Stoklasová).

The methodology presentation was followed by the paper of Jan Macháček from the Lidové noviny (People’s newspaper) on the subject of the “Information society on the border line?” Afterwards each garantor introduced his thematic range in the form of a presentation (see where he pointed out and specified the main problems inherent in the individual ranges. The tasks for the first phase of the groups’ work were then distributed and the participants’ own work could commence.

Part of the Caslin 2016 was the evaluation of the last year’s conference (Caslin 2014) in the form of reports and an accompanying discussion. Readers can peruse them on

At this year’s CASLIN audio-visual recordings were made that also captured, apart from the introductory and closing presentations, the individual phases of preparatory work in groups. The recordings contain a synchronised record of the presenter with a computer presentation and, for the first time, an experiment was made with the synchronised record of the presenter and a presentation recorded in a paper format on a flipchart. Some of these records will be available on the official pages of the CASLIN 2016.

In conclusion I wish to thank all who participated in the making of the journal, especially PhDr Anna Machová, Mgr. Jindřich Pilař, Alena Křesalová and the editorial team members for their work throughout the year.

Many thanks go also to the authors and readers for their patronage.

With best wishes to all for good health, hapiness and success in 2017.

For the Editorial Board

Renáta Salátová

Dec 04, 2017

11th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories
Date: October 24, 2018
Place: Balling Hall, National Library of Technology in Prague (Technická 6, 160 80 Prague 6 - Dejvice)
Call for papers
Call for papers are open now. Interested speakers are invited to submit their porposals. All proposals will be validated by the Programme Committee.
Papers submission deadline is May 14.

Twentieth International Conference on Grey Literature
Research Data Fuels and Sustains Grey Literature
December 3-4, 2018
Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana USA

ILI - Internet Librarian International
London, Great Britain
October 16-17, 2018

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