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Dear readers and friends,

At the threshold of summer you get the first this year´s issue of the journal Knihovna: knihovnická revue to your hands, now disposing, among others, of a new web site. Its diversified contents focus upon several areas of our field.

The reviewed part opens by the study of Eva Bratková and Helena Kučerová from the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship of the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University; being a continuation of the contribution of the same authors in the previous issue, it offers an introduction to metadata description of the knowledge description systems. The starting point of the work has been the representative set of records of knowledge organization systems that had been processed and saved in the prototype of the knowledge basis prepared under the DF13PO1OVV013 project of the NAKI programme „Knowledge basis for the field of information and knowledge organization “. The published text represents a draft of the description of these systems within this knowledge basis, observing the general principles of the conceptual FRBR model and the draft of metadata elements for the knowledge organization systems in the Application profile NKOS (Networked Knowledge Organization Systems), with the trend of enabling the descriptive data to be issued in the interconnected open data format.

The second reviewed contribution is the paper by Petra Vávrová, Tereza Kašťáková, Jitka Neoralová, Kristýna Boumová a Tereza Sazamová from the Department for the Protection of Library Funds of the Czech National Library, dealing about the care for the so-called modern library funds, in particular the very broad and, regarding the materials used, also most diversified collection of books dating back to the 19th century. The authors present some partial results of the NAKI grant project „Research, conservation and care for modern library funds – materials and technologies“, as acquired during the period of 2013–2014.

The not reviewed contributions, i.e. the column Libraries and Information, national and international, begin with an article by Jaroslava Havlová from the Librarian Institute of the Czech National Library about the terminological database TDKIV and terminographic work. After having introduced this special database, apparently well known already among the professionals, she specifies the roles and the importance of domains linked with the terminological work. She offers a review of articles whose authors analyze the Czech terminology in the field of libraries and information science and adds a brief history of the foundation and the development of this database. The actual body of her study consists in the analysis of the course of processing the professional terms for being entered into the database. The processing of the entries is described both theoretically and practically.

The following contribution to this column is the article of Petra Vávrová from the Czech National Library and Libor Jůna from FAMU (Film Academy). The authors describe the beginnings of the Czech-Cuban collaboration aiming at the protection of the photographic cultural heritage. The foundations of this collaboration were laid during two working trips of the Czech specialists to Cuba in the course of 2014 that resulted in the specification of the subjects of this mutual collaboration, further in selecting the most endangered parts of the photographic cultural heritage in Havana, in carrying out some practical training and organizing a three days´ conference offering a platform for the Czech colleagues to give a number of practical presentations.

The book review contains a review worked out by Associate Professor Richard Papík, introducing the title Znalostní pracovník v informační společnosti (Knowledge Worker in the Information Society) by Pavel Rankov, published by the Institute of Informatics of the Silesian University in Opava in 2014.

The issue closes by the News from Foreign Library Literature, this time drawing from the French and Russian library press.  Some insight is offered to various topics, such as the activities of the Library of the Paris Observatory (the national acquisition and information centre for the fields of astronomy and astrophysics), the development of the „pedagotheque“ – a catalogue of electronic training media of the universities of the West French region Pays de la Loire, further a general consideration of the phenomenon of massive open online courses (Mooc). The following topics are citation analysis and the impact factor of the Russian agricultural journals, the database development of the Russian Institute of scientific and technical information of the Russian Academy of Science – VINITI RAN (integration of the already existing bulks of VINITI data  into deeper analyses created upon the basis of statistical processing of large information volumes), electronic books in the libraries of the Russian Federation and the development of electronic university libraries in the light of changed standards of the new copyright law.

Let me wish you nice and intensive summer impressions

On behalf of all editors

Renáta Salátová
Executive editor




Feb 29, 2016

11th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories
Date: October 24, 2018
Place: Balling Hall, National Library of Technology in Prague (Technická 6, 160 80 Prague 6 - Dejvice)
Call for papers
Call for papers are open now. Interested speakers are invited to submit their porposals. All proposals will be validated by the Programme Committee.
Papers submission deadline is May 14.

Twentieth International Conference on Grey Literature
Research Data Fuels and Sustains Grey Literature
December 3-4, 2018
Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana USA

ILI - Internet Librarian International
London, Great Britain
October 16-17, 2018

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