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Terminographical work and the TDKIV database

Summary: After the introductory presentation of the Czech Terminology Database of Library and information science (TDKIV being the Czech acronym) the author delimits the merits of fields correlated with terminological work. Then she deals with a number of professional papers analysing the Czech librarian terminology that have been published after 2003 down to the present, i.e. after the foundation of the TDKIV database. A short history of said database follows. The crucial part of the study is an assessment of how the profesionals terms for this database have been prepared from a librarian´s and a linguist´s viewpoint, with concrete examples. The working out of headwords is first described from a theoretical position, based upon the application of the methodology for elaboration of headwords, then complemented by a practical standpoint of view, namely upon her own experience, the author being a database administrator.

Keywords: terminological database, terminology of a discipline, professional terminology, librarianship, information science, linguistics, terminography, lexicology, lexicography

Bc. Jaroslava Havlová / Knihovnický institut Národní knihovny ČR (The Library Institute of the National Library of CR), Klementinum 190, 110 00 Praha 1

Czech full text (.pdf)

Feb 29, 2016
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