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Publishing behavior and attitudes towards open access among scientists in the Czech Republic

Summary: The article sums up basic results from a questionnaire survey which took place in 2013–2014. The research focuses on the publication behaviour of Czech researchers and their attitudes towards open ac...

Knihopis of Czech and Slovak early printed books and its integration into the electronic portal Knihově

Summary: The article deals with the issues of the national retrospective bibliography, specifically its Czech-language part, the Knihopis of Czech and Slovak Early Printed Books from the Earliest Period until t...

Research use of web archived data

Summary: Major part of our communication and media production has moved from traditional print media into digital universe. Digital content on the web is diverse and fluid; it emerges, changes and disappears ev...

Watermark research in the music sources registered in the Union Music Catalogue of the National Library of the Czech Republic

Bohemian watermark research of the musical sources registered in the Union Catalogue of Music of the National Library of the Czech Republic started in 2014 and it has been conducted by the curators of the Natio...

Rights to the data administered by public libraries in the light of amendments of the Freedom of Information Act

Summary: Public libraries – in the focus of law – are cultural institutions taking care of not negligible values within public interest. Among others, their activities are regulated by the part of the Czech...

Map of study profiles: comparing the curricula of Library and Information Science in Opava

Summary: The paper presents a comparative analysis of two independent programmes of Library and Information Science implemented at the Silesian University in Opava. The aim of the comparative study is to revea...

Exchangeable formats of bibliographical data: their present transformation

Summary: Exchangeable formats of bibliographical data in the practice of libraries have been used from the 60ies of the last century, and in spite of the decades having flown by no substantial change has taken ...

Printing works Kryl & Scotti / Karel Kryl in the mirror of bibliophile media and competitions

The study attempts to evaluate the contribution of the printing works Kryl & Scotti (later Karel Kryl), located at Nový Jičín and later at Kroměříž, to the creation of beautiful books in the Czech lands,...

Relationships of information resources: an attempt to interdisciplinary synthesis

Summary: The relationships among the information resources (being specified in the broadest sense for the purpose of this study, as documents, data, but also as persons, things, concepts, terms, processes, e...

Archivematica – Open Source System for Digital Archiving

Summary: The paper offers a basic overview of the Archivematica system. This system is intended to support long term protection and archiving of digital information conforming to the OAIS reference model. It ha...

Care of 19th century prints in the National Library of the Czech Republic

Summary: The Collection Preservation Division of the National Library of the Czech Republic has devoted special attention to the care for the so-called modern library collections (beginning 1801, down to the ...

Towards issues of descriptive metadata for knowledge organization systems

Summary: Submitted study folows the previous one published in 2014 which was devoted to „knowledge organization system“ term definition and to typology issues of such systems. The new study is aimed at prob...

The i-School Phenomenon: History and Present Situation

Summary: This paper introduces the movement of i-Schools and the grounds of its origin, focusing on the fundamental elements of i-Schools and the i-Model. The role of i-Schools will be illustrated by the div...

Information Literacy of Non-medical Students of First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague

Summary: This survey of information literacy of undergraduate non-medical students at the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague was conducted in October and November, 2013. The study exam...

Knowledge Organization Systems and Their Typology

Summary: The term, “Knowledge Organization System” (abbr. KOS) has yet to be included in the Czech specialized terminology (which uses “information retrieval language” instead). However, the term h...

May 30 - 31, 2017, Prague, Czechia

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International conference DIGI 2016
- Digital technologies and heritage
Date: 24-25 November 2016
Place: Prague, Czechia

Conference: Caslin 2016

Date: 9-12th October 2016
Where: Třešť, Czechia


Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories October 19, National Library of Technology in Prague, Czechia