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  • The authors agree to observe the basic instructions for authors
  • By filling-in the author´s form the author agrees to observe both the ethical code of the periodical and that for the authors.
  • The author warrants for delivering to the editor an original text that has not yet been published.
  • If the same text has already been printed somewhere, the authors shall indicate such information at the end of the text.
  • If the author intends to publish his/her contribution that has appeared in the journal Knihovna- knihovnická revue elsewhere, he/she shall inform the publisher of this fact and request that such information be made public.
  • In his own interest an author who is responsible for a contribution shall cooperate with the editor.
  • The author is obliged to observe consistently all copyright regulations relating to photographs, pictures or any other material accompanying the paper.
  • The author shall supply pictures, photographs, diagrams and tables in the required quality.
  • The author agrees to cite all applied sources, avoiding any forms of plagiarism.
  • The author agrees to make references according to the valid Czech standard ČSN ISO 690 01 0197.
  • Prior to sending his/her contribution the author should regulate any possible authorship.




Apr 10, 2015

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Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories October 19, National Library of Technology in Prague, Czechia