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Tools for Digital Preservation

Summary: This text offers a basic introduction about the tools and information sources that are applicable in the field of long-term archiving (digital preservation). It focuses in particular upon the tools dealing with digital formats, their identification, validation and the extraction of technical metadata.

Keywords: digital preservation, long-term archiving, digital formats, identification of formats, validation of formats, extraction of technical metadata

Mgr. Jan Hutař, Ph.D. /Archives New Zealand10 Mulgrave Street, Thorn don, Wellington 6011, New Zealand ; Mgr. Marek Melichar / Ústav výpočet ní techniky, Univerzita Karlova v Praze (Computer Science Centre, Charles University in Prague) , Ovocný trh 3/5, 116 43 Praha 1, Česká republika

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Nov 02, 2016

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Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories October 19, National Library of Technology in Prague, Czechia

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