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The i-School Phenomenon: History and Present Situation

Summary: This paper introduces the movement of i-Schools and the grounds of its origin, focusing on the fundamental elements of i-Schools and the i-Model. The role of i-Schools will be illustrated by the diversity of the fields of studies they encompass, and by the new opportunities that have thus opened up. Upon introducing several projects that have innovated the Library and Information Studies curricula, the paper explains the role of the steering and coordinating i-Caucus committee, and the importance of the i-Conferences. Furthermore, the paper presents an analysis of issues relevant to the interdisciplinary character and the identity of i-Schools. The study concludes with an overview of the research activities of i-Schools, and the prospects of this movement in the Czech Republic. Keywords: i-School movement, i-Field, interdisciplinarity, i-Identity, i-Schools research
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