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Knihovna - Knihovnická revue 2016/1



Renáta Salátová

Reviewed articles

Printing works Kryl & Scotti / Karel Kryl in the mirror of bibliophile media and competitions

Michal Mocek
The study attempts to evaluate the contribution of the printing works Kryl & Scotti (later Karel Kryl), located at Nový Jičín and later at Kroměříž, to the creation of beautiful books in the Czech lands, as viewed in a broader context. It is founded upon statistical assessment of deep probes, plunging into book reviews published in bibliophile periodicals between 1925‒1946, further on the results of competitions for the most beautiful Czech books in the period 1929‒1942 and, finally, also upon the extent of interest shown by various publishing companies in the work of this printing house. The analysis of the obtained data indicates that there was hardly any other Czech or Moravian polygraphic company ‒ with the sole exception of Průmyslová tiskárna in Prague (Industrial Printing Works) ‒ whose books would arise more vivid interest among the demanding book reviewers, than have those books of this company. However, the prestigious competitions aimed at finding the nicest Czech books, still, are seen to have left Kryl & Scotti / Karel Kryl lagging behind the leading Prague printing works, namely the State Printing, Industrial Printing Works and the printing works of Orbis....

Map of study profiles: comparing the curricula of Library and Information Science in Opava

Michal Lorenz
Summary: The paper presents a comparative analysis of two independent programmes of Library and Information Science implemented at the Silesian University in Opava. The aim of the comparative study is to reveal the extent to which both closely related field compete with one another. The study programmes have been analyzed by the method of curriculum mapping using shaded Venn diagrams. The visualized profiles of study are compared from the viewpoint of professional identity, diversity of the fields of study, interdisciplinarity features, and scientific character of the curricula. The result of the comparison resides is identifiying of the fields domains whose development can ensure higher competitiveness to programmes. ...

Exchangeable formats of bibliographical data: their present transformation

Klára Rösslerová
Summary: Exchangeable formats of bibliographical data in the practice of libraries have been used from the 60ies of the last century, and in spite of the decades having flown by no substantial change has taken place, although the librarians have called for it. The deficiencies and the obsolescence of the MARC type formats are obvious. The pressure for change has been increasing from the turn of the century. The objective of the present article resides in summarizing the activities on this field, including an outline of possible further development. The analysis of diverse projects and of the respective questionnaires allows us to estimate what direction of development this field is likely to take. The activities tend towards the linked data publication model, while retaining the cataloguing practice of the present day. ...

Rights to the data administered by public libraries in the light of amendments of the Freedom of Information Act

Radim Polčák
Summary: Public libraries – in the focus of law – are cultural institutions taking care of not negligible values within public interest. Among others, their activities are regulated by the part of the Czech law imposing information duties on publicly funded entities (duties related to the freedom of information) and governing also re-use of the public sector information. This article deals with recent substantive amendments of the Czech Freedom of Information Act and discusses some specific legal problems, as concerns the processing of the obligatorily deposited electronic copies, along with the digitisation of the library funds. ...

Library and information at home and abroad

The new Slovak Library Act

Monika Lopušanová
Summary: The contribution describes the essential contents and the efficiency of the new act on libraries, drawing attention to the main points relating to the rights and legal duties specified for the libraries of the library network of the Slovak Republic and for the establishers and founders of libraries; focus of the operating regulations accompanying the act. ...

News of foreign library science literatura

News of foreign library science literature

Machová Anna, Salátová Renata

International conference DIGI 2016
- Digital technologies and heritage
Date: 24-25 November 2016
Place: Prague, Czechia

Conference: Caslin 2016
Date: 9-12th October 2016
Where: Třešť, Czechia

Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories October 19, National Library of Technology in Prague, Czechia