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Knihovna - Knihovnická revue 2015/2



Renata Salátová

Reviewed articles

Relationships of information resources: an attempt to interdisciplinary synthesis

Helena Kučerová
Summary: The relationships among the information resources (being specified in the broadest sense for the purpose of this study, as documents, data, but also as persons, things, concepts, terms, processes, events or services offering information) are topics of interest for numerous disciplines and their problems are addressed in many fields of information practice. However, the research and the solutions tend to be implemented in an isolated way within a certain discipline or some specific activity, each of them applying a different point of view. This study is a result of an effort to summarize the theoretical principles of the relationships that are formulated by particular disciplines, and to carry out their synthesis and application upon the field of information resources. The text of the study is divided into three parts. The first part provides a general definition of relationships, characterizes the ways of their expression and reviews their properties. The second part offers a selection of significant contributions examining the relationships from various fields: semiotics, semantics, linguistics, terminology and computer science. The third part provides an overview of the taxonomies of relationships in the information science and proposes a novel draft of framework taxonomy, applicable to relationships of information resources, along with suggestions for further research....

Archivematica – Open Source System for Digital Archiving

Miroslav Bartošek
Summary: The paper offers a basic overview of the Archivematica system. This system is intended to support long term protection and archiving of digital information conforming to the OAIS reference model. It has been developed by the Canadian company Artefactual Systems Inc. and made available as a free open source solution. Growing numbers of institutions use or plan to use the Archivematica system as a low cost approach enabling to solve urgent problems of digital preservation, while avoiding the necessity of massive investment into expensive commercial solutions. ...

Library and information at home and abroad

Archivematica – selected foreign projects

Zdeněk Hruška
Summary: The paper brings a survey of some selected foreign digital repositories making use of the open source system for long-term archiving Archivematica, introducing the options for applying this system in the digital workflow of various institutions....

Trustworthy digital repositories, their audit and certification

Andrea Miranda
Summary: The aim of the submitted article consists in informing the reader about the importance and the attributes of reliable repositories and in describing, by way of an overview, the most common types of approach to the audit and certification of digital repositories meeting the requirement of trustworthiness. It is based upon the previous research within the Cesnet project, and namely Pilot Project of Low-barrier Approach to the Protection of Digital Contents (LTP-pilot) and the publication activities of the author, in particular her PhD thesis Analysis, draft, administration and control of vast digital libraries, as defended at the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship of the Charles University in Prague in 2014....

Digital preservation - from theory to practice?

Jan Hutař, Marek Melichar
Abstract: This article puts forward introductory information about long-term digital preservation (LTP). The text explains basic terminology and concepts introduced by the functional and informational approach of the OAIS reference model. Then it describes the pragmatic approach to the long-term archiving. Finally it mentions some of the existing technological solutions as well as the findings of the LTP Pilot project, in which Archivematica, a digital preservation system, was evaluated....

Tools for Digital Preservation

Jan Hutař, Marek Melichar
Summary: This text offers a basic introduction about the tools and information sources that are applicable in the field of long-term archiving (digital preservation). It focuses in particular upon the tools dealing with digital formats, their identification, validation and the extraction of technical metadata....

The History of a Periodical Knihovna: knihovnicka revue

Renata Salátová, Anna Machová
Summary: The contribution briefly describes the history of Knihovna, a periodical having entered the 25th year of its existence in the current year. It commenced by appearing under the title Národní knihovna, knihovnická revue in 1990. From 2005 down to the present day the title has been reduced to Knihovna: knihovnická revue. However, 2005 witnessed a certain split, namely between the current printed copy and a separate periodical under the title Knihovna plus, including an ISSN identification of its own. The authors describe the key moments throughout the history of the journal and describe editorial work in preparing of this periodical in present time....

News of foreign library science literatura

News of foreign library science literature

Anna Machová, Renáta Salátová

Conference: Caslin 2016
Date: 9-12th October 2016
Where: Třešť, Czechia

Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories October 19, National Library of Technology in Prague, Czechia